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As my client, you get to talk to ME. I actually answer my business Facebook Messenger, text, email, and several other communication programs like Instagram and WhatsApp. You are not only a client. You more than likely will become a friend. I have used technology for over 25 years when it was just a pager and landline, which has become second nature to be there for my clients. If I am not responding, I am playing with my kid, driving, or sleeping. I also want you to see everything in your file when you have time to see it. I use technology to keep you informed and to allow me to have a work-life balance. I would rather be available most times instead of having to sit in an office waiting for you to come in or call. I have answered calls/ texts going into Mexico and in the lines at Disney. I can usually look at your file right then and respond with your questions.

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The law can change anyone's life, and even though the law has the "Rule of Law" that helps Judges, attorneys, and other people make sound decisions the law is very subjective. That means that a case worker, a Judge, and any other human in the process can decide something based on your sexuality while saying it is based on something benign. As a professional that works with LGBTQ, poly, kink, and industry people and businesses, I have the experience of how to work within the system to help you. Also I did not just stick a rainbow on my company to market to the community. I started fighting against housing discrimination since the 90's, fought for the rights of many groups over the decades, helped businesses that others would not, and work with people, families, and businesses to live and work.  

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Prior to opening a law firm, I owned a real estate and mortgage company. I understand the process of thinking up an idea and writing it down while trying to get the funds and work within all the rules and regulations. I have stayed up all night about cash-flow, employee morale, and client expectations. I have come up with "excellent" marketing plans to find out that other people saw it differently. I have designed websites and computer programs to help my business process workflows. I had people offer to buy my various companies over the last 25 years. I want to help you learn from my experiences. 

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