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As my client, you get to talk to ME. I actually answer my business Facebook Messenger, text, email, and several other communication programs like Instagram and WhatsApp. You are not only a client. You more than likely will become a friend. I have used technology for over 25 years when it was just a pager and landline, which has become second nature to be there for my clients. If I am not responding, I am playing with my kid, driving, or sleeping. I also want you to see everything in your file when you have time to see it. I use technology to keep you informed and to allow me to have a work-life balance. I would rather be available most times instead of having to sit in an office waiting for you to come in or call. I have answered calls/ texts going into Mexico and in the lines at Disney. I can usually look at your file right then and respond with your questions.

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Robinson Law - Mediation- Consulting

Principal Office: 600 S. Tyler, Ste 2100 Amarillo, TX 79101

Attorney also offices in Weddington, NC, but does not have a NC licence & does not practice in NC. 

All Texas offices are by appointment only to see the attorney, but staff is available during business hours in Amarillo. 


Mediation Location

1026 Jay Street, Ste B-17

Charlotte, NC 28208

Other meeting places throughout Charlotte & Union County