Steps to Take


1. Research and decide you need help with your legal needs

I work with people and businesses with many types of law. 

  • Law
  • Mediation 
  • Consulting

2. Get case evaluation

We must look at many factors when looking at a case. We need to check for any conflicts and other issues. It is a multistep process. 

3. Get an appointment with me

Complete the appointment intake form and upload documents to ask more specific questions to help you decide the right path for yourself. 

4. Become a Client or get Limited Representation

Hire me to either represent you throughout the process or to help you with specific limited representation.

5. Work through your case

You can view all your case documents, communicate with me, pay your bill, and much more on your secure.

6. Get on with your life

Your need for an attorney will someday come to a close.