Practice Areas


I help with many filings with agencies such as business entities, immigration, charity filings, trademarks, and other federal and state filings for businesses. 

Law By Subscription


In most cases, you can either plan before something happens or you can plan to stay out of court by using out of court negotiations, mediation, collaborations, and other alternative dispute resolution methods along with many other legal methods.

Non-Litigation Dispute Resolution


There are many ways to resolve legal issues. Only 3% to 5% of legal cases actually go to a trial. That means that most are settled out of court by negotiations, mediations, arbitration, collaboration, and many other dispute resolution methods. Each of these methods have rules of procedures and evidence just like litigation along with all the normal court rules. I can help you by representing you in today's legal system.


Business Planning & Governance


 Small businesses are the heart of the economy. By careful planning and oversight your company can run smoothly so you can focus on your product or service. Not-for-profit organizations operate under a different set of laws, rules, and regulations than for-profit businesses. Understanding, and adhering to, the non-profit laws and regulations means maximum growth for the organization.  

Trademarks & Branding


Trademarks and Branding are becoming more and more important as companies can expend quickly from a mom & pop into the global market. A business must protect its name and reputation through Federal Trademarks and in-house marketing policies to protect your brand.

Technology Compliance


 Robinson Law understands how important a business is to the owners of the business as well as to those employed by the business which is why the team at Robinson Law is dedicated to ensuring the success of the business through careful planning and ongoing legal support.